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stop and stare

I start to wonder why I'm here not there,

Yes, I know that everyone gets scared. They're trying to come back, all my senses push - untie the weight bags, that some never thought I could.


So many wonderful things have happened to me over the past few days. I have been given what might turn out to be an amazing opportunity in my career all from one phone call last night. I am so excited about life and whats to come, today more than ever I felt like I am really living. Seriously I could cry right now I am so happy. People are so kind.


Feck, I just looked at the time and I am late for a meal with my friends... eep! More description later! :P



SPEAKING of wonderful things - ph my LORD. I was at the meal with three of my friends, Gina, Nicki and Sam - and half way through I actually crapped myself because my bag was gone. I rushed and left early and started to re-trace my steps. NOTHING. I went into three restaurants and asked if anyone had handed in a black bag. Nothing. By chance I stopped at a bar called Monk and asked the bar man. Nothing. Then a guy sat on his own at the bar said that he'd found it and hung it up outside a nearby shop!! He took me to the shop and I hugged him so hard he is like my santa!!!! I will be so thankful to that man forever!!




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Taken on December 12, 2008