i am right here

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i am right here and everything will be ok.

All week long me and Aaron were wracking our brains for a concept for today's shot, from sicking up all over each other to sewing ourselves together, and then last night happened.

All concepts go out of the window, all we need right now is each other.

Ok, so abit about me and Aaron :D
On 31st March this year, I joined flickr. On 24th of April, I finally worked out how to post photos to flickr. Two days later at college, myself and my awesome friend Nat showed me a photo of a guy with a can on hair mousse up his nose, hair flowing in the wind.
We spent the whole lunch hour oo-ing and aah-ing at his photos, mighty impressed by his talent and humor. The next day, this mysterious yet charming man had left me a comment, and added me as a contact!!!!

Completely extatic that such a concentrated area of talent and awesomeness found ME worth watching, I sent him a message, saying that I liked his boobs. We messaged many times every day, wrote an adventure book (you might want to click on that link ;) hehe) together, stayed up talking on gmail for hours every night until it was light outside, then began doing the same thing except with phones. It has been two months since we became addicted to each other, and I have completely fallen. We've yet to meet, but every day our feelings get stronger and stronger. I need him, and I am counting down the days until this photograph is reality.


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  1. elvybeauti 82 months ago | reply

    your love story is SO inspiring!! you are a wonderful artist as well and i am in love with your 365 album :) i'm going to go check out the rest now.
    peace * love

  2. Kaushal Karkhanis 82 months ago | reply

    wow, its great to see this passionate love story shape up right here on Flickr! Bless u guys!

  3. Throwin' it in 81 months ago | reply

    i copy this here as i also put it in your 'loves' comment sequence:)

    Very cool you two! And---btw---distance between two----who are right---is but time and space:)

    Peace and great love to you both.

  4. theregressivemuse 79 months ago | reply

    ....and ur story is featured here in the Philippines ^____^

  5. atena-w. 78 months ago | reply

    Hallo, ich bin der Administrator der Gruppe Sogni Dreams Sueños Visuri (Post one,Comment and Fave two), und wir würden uns freuen, wenn Du dies zu unserer Gruppe hinzufügen würdest.

  6. beshibeshi [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

    i love this photo. it's so romantic with such beautiful people =]

  7. carlos fabrizio 77 months ago | reply

    So cool to learn how you actually met. I had already imagined you met on Flickr. Now that you're together, I wish you two the best.

  8. helen geraghty 77 months ago | reply

    ooh im so happy to find out how you two met,you are both amazing at what you do,best wishes to you both

  9. Jeep_Thing [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

    This is a beautiful image. The processing is wonderful. Your story is great and your love for each other and talents are inspiring.

  10. K_is.sMore Design & Photography 74 months ago | reply

    wow an amazing story, but i know all about impossible loves that become possible.. you too fit so well, the humor and similar passions bring 2 people together, if u are so like minded..

  11. Ewa Koska 74 months ago | reply

    that is amazing

  12. david.nathan.cox 73 months ago | reply

    your story is absolutely insane...i almost would think it was made up except there are pictures haha. beauty + talent?? bravo to you both

  13. deeleted [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    This is stunning.
    Your so beautiful :')

  14. jonas620 72 months ago | reply

    Very Nice!!

  15. Helena Amor 69 months ago | reply

    Beautiful photo and beautiful story...

  16. Kai.Butts 66 months ago | reply

    augh your story is amazing. i almost shed a tear reading this...and looking at the photo.

  17. Andrea loves autumn skies 64 months ago | reply

    You story is stunning. As are your photographs. If I had a hat, I would take it off to you!

  18. babyjenjen 57 months ago | reply


  19. ashlee.alaine 50 months ago | reply

    what an amazing story! they should make a movie about it ;D

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