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    Joel posted a pic yesterday sharing his ingredients for Kale Chips. i've been hunting for a good potato chip alternative because i love love love salty food, but i make an effort to not go nuts on junk food. so i went out today, and bought some Kale and the other critical ingredients and made my first batch. TASTY! despite me making them way too salty (which i didnt even this was possible for me) they are really awesome. crunchy like chips, with a very interesting flavor. you can season them however you want too! i think next batch im gonna use apple cider vinegar to make some salt n vinegar kale chips. thanks joel!!

    and those that knock the health kick. tonight i put 5 pairs of jeans back into my drawer because they fit me again.

    1. the_kats 63 months ago | reply

      Can you please pass me the pizza?

    2. daniel.pattillo 63 months ago | reply

      i need to try those... also I love that the pic next to yours is a corn dog. oh irony

    3. JLovely (DisRunner) 63 months ago | reply

      awesome...I saw Joel's recipe and have to try some!

    4. Boy_Wonder 63 months ago | reply

      awesome! I'm glad you tried them out! I have a habit of making them a tad on the salty side as well....I like your suggestion of the vinegar...I might have to try that next!

    5. hollandrayne 63 months ago | reply

      really? hmm. call me a skeptic, but I didn't think kale could be so.... I don't know.... tasty.

    6. dart_75 63 months ago | reply

      I'll have to try it - I have a bunch of kale in my fridge leftover from a dish I made the other night. great timing - thanks for passing along the great idea!

    7. iammacgirl 63 months ago | reply

      Seriously? Hmmm, this one is strange enough to make me want to try it just to prove that the kale can get crispy (hahaha, almost wrote krispy) and not welt. Not a big chip eater to begin with but healthy eating is always good!!

    8. that edit girl 63 months ago | reply

      OK, I have to try this. I LOVE salt and vinegar chips. Love them. I don't eat a lot of chips. Well, any chips really, unless I see the salt and vinegar ones when I go to Subway. NOM NOM NOM!

    9. jessicareeder 59 months ago | reply

      Hi, i used this photo here: loveandtrash.com/2010/05/baked-kale-chips-not-gross-i-swear/

      Hope you don't mind, I definitely described you as "adorable".

      Thanks for sharing your work.

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