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y2.d25 | kale chips.

Joel posted a pic yesterday sharing his ingredients for Kale Chips. i've been hunting for a good potato chip alternative because i love love love salty food, but i make an effort to not go nuts on junk food. so i went out today, and bought some Kale and the other critical ingredients and made my first batch. TASTY! despite me making them way too salty (which i didnt even this was possible for me) they are really awesome. crunchy like chips, with a very interesting flavor. you can season them however you want too! i think next batch im gonna use apple cider vinegar to make some salt n vinegar kale chips. thanks joel!!


and those that knock the health kick. tonight i put 5 pairs of jeans back into my drawer because they fit me again.

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Taken on January 26, 2010