234/365 - ::ding:: a stroke of genius

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    i think that everyone has at least one great idea every day. it may not be worth a million dollars, but in some way or another, its a winner. the next day you're having a hell of a day, just think... what was my good idea today?

    florida is a-comin. woot! we are in clean the house mode right now so that its not messy for our dog sitter. so im up at 3:30am right now (which is not unusual, im a night owl) doing laundry, but thats fantastic, because the West Wing is on, and thats my all-time favorite TV show in the world.

    TRF: today the state of texas outlawed lighting design. which is what i do for a living. you now may only do any form of lighting design if you hold a licence to be a landscape architect. absolutely absurd.

    365 - 5.27.09

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    1. fisher.me 60 months ago | reply

      That is absurd! While I usually agree with Texas that is just nutty. Do like the picture though, especially your skin tone!

    2. Adrian P. 60 months ago | reply

      Here's my idea: Make a helium balloon that looks like a light bulb so it can float over your head all day.

    3. dart_75 60 months ago | reply

      Great expression - and love the colors. Sounds like Texas didn't have their lightbulb moment when they made that decision.

    4. that edit girl 60 months ago | reply

      Ah, Texas. I'm going to follow the "if you don't have anything nice to say ... " rule and leave it at that. :)

      Dude, do you use some type of Photoshop effect or do you just have naturally amazing skin? *jealous*

      Love the colors. My bright idea today was to stay off the freeways as much as possible, as I believe my car my be invisible.

    5. zap451 [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

      Awesome color!! It makes me want to move to the green. TO THE GREEN!!!!

    6. ArtistofLife7 60 months ago | reply

      lol this is great and your expression is priceless :)

    7. hollandrayne 60 months ago | reply

      wtf kind of crap is that? (the texas thing- not your shot!)
      Wooo hooo to vacation time! Wave while you're on the interstate when you go thru Central Florida, will ya?
      This is an awesome shot, btw. The colors are yoowza!

    8. B Rosen 60 months ago | reply

      my skin is awful! its all about getting even lighting, and most importantly, iv become pretty proficient in airbrushing with photoshop.
      will do!

    9. zelner 58 months ago | reply

      ah, a light bulb, classic. well done.

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