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225/365 - scam | by B Rosen
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225/365 - scam

so i found this cell phone at work.


it was likely dropped by an audience member seeing a show. the battery was dead, so i turned it in, and it sat in the box office for 2 months... its a nice cell phone, and i suspect that the person either had insurance, or was rich enough that they just got a new one.. so it was given to me to do whatever i wanted with it. i figured, ebay right?


UGH. for the 3rd time in a row, the phone has sold to an ebay scammer. essentially what happens is the auction closes, and then i get a series of emails in broken english explaining that they wish to ship the phone to Nigeria, and will include an extra $100, then i get a fake email from paypal saying the funds have been transferred and once i ship the phone and give them a tracking number, paypal will release the money... obviously bullshit... but now for the 3rd time, the same scam. its getting really frustrating, esp since it costs me money to list things on ebay.


this is also why, i suspect, my debit card was canceled by my bank last week. i just want to sell this damn phone... i need the money, and im selling it for literally half price.


365 - 5.18.09

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Taken on May 18, 2009