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223/365 - my bank sucks | by B Rosen
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223/365 - my bank sucks

so. i went to use my card today at the grocery store and it gave me a "not authorized." so i tried to get cash out of the ATM instead, and again, it wouldnt work. upon calling my bank... we'll call it "mank mof mamerica" they told me my card had been canceled, and a new card had been issued over 2 weeks ago.


so after an hour of so of going ballistic about identity theft, i was able to get someone to tell me that a 3rd party, that the bank couldnt disclose to me, had reported my card compromised. the bank proceeded to cancel my card, without notifying me, and sent me a new one... my old would work for 2 weeks, while they sent me the new one.... the new one never came... so after 2 weeks... my card was just turned off... me knowing nothing of the whole process.


so i dont know who canceled my card, and i have none to use until (god willing) wednesday when they are going to "rush" another replacement card to me.


ps. this is my only financial means... i have no other credit cards. UUUGGGGHHHH!


most frustrating part: the first waste of life that i talked to on the phone actually said this to me after i explained my problem:


her: ok sir, now i have to...ask you some security questions [pause]... to verify you are the card holder... [long pause] ... ok, how may i help you sir?

me: um..... are you gonna ask me the questions?

her: oh.... oh, yeah i will do that now first.



.....please weather hold up tomorrow for the flickr meetup im going to... i need something fun to happen.


365 - 5.16.09

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Taken on May 16, 2009