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day ninety-two

31st August 2010

seven-thirty am.


Woke up very, very early and went up to the ruins to take an important photograph. Sat on the bank with the sun on my back while the others slept, and started a diary.


Took Dipper with Naomi to Ranworth (slowly!) and had fun at the tiller playing chicken with the cruisers... Messed about on the Broad learning to tack properly and throwing each other biscuits as the boats sped past. Ate lunch and met Lesley, joining the Coots crew late. Went to the top of Ranworth tower, the highest point on the Broads. Planned to have cream teas, but needed to set off.


Felt shattered so swapped into Buff Tip and fell asleep as Jonny, Fred and George sailed her back to Erica’s house at Crabbett’s. Fred woke me by stepping on my foot as we turned into the dyke during golden hour. The sails were down and Jonny was rowing as the air was completely still. Realised two hours asleep on the deck had given me sunburn – on one half of my face...!


Sang the hallelujah chorus as the boys put on the kettle, and had my first shower in four days. The others arrived quickly and we unpacked and started the barbeque. When it got dark, migrated indoors to sit in the open-plan living room and sing songs while Jonny played the guitar for hours. Slept on the sofa and remembered what is was like to lie on pillows.



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Taken on September 13, 2010