Empowering Rural Women and Girls #CSW62
For the fifth year in a row, RLS–NYC took part in the CSW, holding up the voices of women leaders who are active in social movements for sustainable agriculture, food security, and environmental protection. We invited activists from India, Uganda, Nicaragua, and Kenya to attend CSW62 and share their expertise on how global advocacy efforts can increase women’s voices in the process of tackling poverty, malnutrition, and environmental degradation.

At CSW62, we organized two parallel events to address these topics for a broader audience. Together with DAWN, the Global Policy Forum, and Social Watch we hosted a public panel on “Strategies For Empowering Rural Women and Girls” featuring speakers Barbara Adams (Global Policy Forum), Mercia Andrews (Rural Women Assembly), Vidhya Das (Agragamee), Agnes Kirabo (Food Rights Alliance), and Carolyn Sachs (Penn State University). The panel, which was moderated by María Graciela Cuervo (DAWN), considered the multiple roles of rural women and girls for preserving biodiversity, reducing inequalities, and combatting climate change.

We were also partnering with MADRE to bring a delegation of Indigenous women leaders from across the world to take part in the CSW62. In a discussion on “Indigenous Women Transforming Power” with panelists Yasso Bhattachan (National Indigenous Women’s Forum), Rose Cunningham (Wangki Tangni), Lucy Mulenkei (Indigenous Information Network), and youth Indigenous activist Aminatou Samira, and moderated by Yifat Susskind (MADRE), we highlighted the perspectives of Indigenous Peoples on the SDGs agenda.
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