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A very special person decided to plant Sunflower Seeds. She knew what she was doing too. She's a Horticulture Therapist and I am truly grateful to have met and know her. The beautiful flowers had a genuine positive impact on me personally.

It was an amazing Summer being able to go to the gardens, and especially when the giant Sunflowers in bright Yellows and deep Reds bloomed. I truly fell in love with their bursts of color and how tall and grand they stood amongst the other plants and blooms. I guess all the flowers in the gardens amaze me in some way, but none were a match for the Sunflower's magnificence.

One had a head so large that it fell to the ground. One has a personality just like the person who planted the seed, but that story stands alone. It was the last one planted and is the last one standing.

I had never been so close to Sunflowers as to see the delicate intricacies of the large spiraled center, which was great for exploring my little silver Canon. Toward the end of Summer, I accidentally discovered the Macro mode button. I liked the photos after that better, but I still don't know much about my camera. It goes to show that anyone who loves nature and gardens can have fun taking pictures of her favorite plant or flower.

We grew several varieties of Sunflowers, including Black Mammoth and Drop Dead Red. I loved each one of them!

With Colorful Garden Memories,
Rosa Blue (Michelle)

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