Buddha's Hand

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    Buddha detail - Sukhothai, Thailand October, 2004

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    1. latenightowl 115 months ago | reply

      So beautiful and graceful. I get the impression that this Buddha is huge.

    2. Room With A View 115 months ago | reply

      Yes, Late owl, the hand of this Buddha is taller than I am.

    3. corriehoogen 115 months ago | reply

      So happy to find you here!!!!!
      And this a a gorgeous picture...
      Love and greetings..

    4. bodhi47 115 months ago | reply

      one of these days... (sigh)

    5. preetamrai 115 months ago | reply

      nice picture..takes me back to Thailand...

    6. neilbruder 114 months ago | reply

      I love those buddha hands.. so serene.

    7. FriskoDude 114 months ago | reply

      This is the Buddha hand from a temple in Sukothai, open to the air, narrow entrance, secret passageway inside left interior wall with frescoes. I've also photographed this hand but many years ago before it had an obvious cleaning.

    8. Muunstruk 103 months ago | reply

      Calling the earth to witness the Gautama Buddha's victory over temptation by the demon Mara...
      lovely photo...

    9. inklake 96 months ago | reply

      So graceful. I love this!

      btw, thank you for your faves. Your comments were really wonderful, especially the one about the bricks and the tulips being beside each other. Observant. Wonderful to have a writer taking photographs. :)

    10. Asian Art 95 months ago | reply

      Beautiful hand with remarkable sensuality, Wonderful shot.

    11. Healed By Art [deleted] 70 months ago | reply


    12. addadada 32 months ago | reply

      this summer i finally met my cousin's girlfriend who was in Thailand during this horrible event.

      she talked about her experience...

      i posted a photo in the HANDS ACROSS ASIA group with the story that my mom in San Francisco had a 'funny feeling' that eve and called her brother in Switzerland. He answered in a panic. He told us that our cousin, and daughter, and girlfriend were in Phuket when the tsunami hit.

      there were many kind comments and concerns for them (and us) during their terrifying experience. she started to cry and she wanted me to thank everyone who commented and was concerned for their safety....

      i told her about the HANDS ACROSS ASIA group and she was so touched that people cared for people that they did not know so far away ...

      "one never knows how close one is to an experience across the world...sometimes it can touch you in ways that one can never imagine, such as, we did not know that you (our cousins) were on vacation there at this horrible moment.', i said.

      she recounted the horror.

      their hotel was on the beach with a small sandbar in the ocean in front of it. the hotel had three sections, the first was the restaurant and bungalos on the beach, then the second section of the hotel was behind it, and then the main hotel behind the two other sections.

      they were susposed to have the bungalo on the beach but it was overbooked, so they were placed in the third section of the hotel in a suite. that morning they were to have breakfast on the beach, but decided to do a walk in the mountains...they packed breakfast and jumped in their rented jeep and left...

      they returned near their hotel seconds before the disaster

      they saw everything from the road above the beach

      the first wave hit the sandbar which blocked inital damage to the main hotel but took it took out the bungalos and everyone on the beach.

      the second wave hit the next part of the hotel wiping it out.

      the third wave was the biggest and took out the third part of the hotel and things much further back....

      my cousin, his girlfriend and his kid saw this all when they were driving back to the hotel...they turned the jeep around and went to the airport where they waited three days before being lifted out
      (the first flights out were for the injured)

      (on the way to the airport they also picked up two canadian tourists who were out for a walk in the mountains)

      they said it was sheer chaos trying to get to the airport. the hotel only had two buses to evacuate guests after the first wave hit. the buses could not hold everyone...if my cousins did not go on a mountain hike, and if they did not have their rented jeep, they might not of made it on the bus out. to say nothing of being on the beach at that time.

      the cell phones did not work so they could not contact anyone. two days later, they were able to use a military phone for 30 seconds to call and tell their dad they were ok.

      they are still friends with the canadians they drove to the airport after these many years

      merci thank you to all the flickr community who contributed to this heartfelt group

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