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children welcomed Jesus by spreading palm in axum, tigray

It is celebrated before a week of Easter. It commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ with the disciples into Jerusalem. People welcomed Jesus by spreading palm branches in Axum.



the region of Tigray is located in the north of Ethiopia on the border with Eritrea , it is the cradle of Orthodox Christianity, is a mysterious land and they say that is kept the ancient Ark of the Covenant in Axum.

in the area of the mountains of ​​Gheralta There are 110 Rock-Hewn Churches which are similar in with those 11 churches found in Lalibela

most of these churches for the reasons of security have never been visited by tourists because they are located on the top of the cliffs.

the Tigray region for reasons of political conflicts and natural disasters has been isolated for so long and poorly developed and people still live like a thousand years ago, make the farmers and working the land still with the hoe and oxen and have remained tied to the ancient traditions the ceremonies during the festival days.

especially during Christmas and Easter where they meet in churches and places of worship to pray.


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Taken on April 16, 2011