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Hi everyone!


I wasnt planning on revealing anything from my new shoots and Im not gonna reveal my new projects...But this was approved today by VOGUE ITALIA website for my portfolio there and I got so excited and if its on there then I might aswell just post here, I LOVE this photo and Im so happy with it. I hope to shoot more for this project that I like ! Meanwhile out of 6 sets I only like this set as a matter of fact. Its not gonna be easy.


Im meeting someone tomorrow actually thats putting out a record with his poems and he also wants photography to go with it and maybe have an exhibition he already has a producer and everything so Im really hoping that goes well. Hes poems are really good and I would love to do this. Im really nervous about meeting with him but it will be good Im sure.


Just chilling out this Friday night nothing special to tell besides that. I'm feeling abit lonely lately Ill be honest about that. Socially lonely, you know the feeling?

MY 15 years old dog is not well and we have to put her to sleep which isnt helping...But Ive said my goodbyes to more than one or 2 pets in my life. It doesnt get easier.Thats for sure.


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Taken on June 3, 2011