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135/365 | by Spi-V
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Ive decided to change outtake i felt uncomfurtable with that post but i did save your comments and im posting them down here .. besides i think this photo or this combination deserves its own post .


i did try to shoot again for today but when its not hapening its not hapening and ive learnt to let go nothing i can do about it even though today was a good day all in all


I got up this morning (ok afternoon… I only fell asleep at about 6 am) and that photographer that was a jerk on the phone about the assistant job emailed me.. .saying he saw my stuff and he liked it allot "call me even if you don’t want to work for me as an assistant" I never sent him anything to see! So I don’t know what stuff hes talking about I emailed back and he basically said " yea i saw what you sent me I have an amazing studio come over anytime" yea right!! Im not an idiot and I can smell a man trying to get in my pants from miles away!!

I will talk to him cause I don’t want to miss an opportunity and I do need work! And i do need money. But I know to be careful .

And there is going to be an opportunity for me to sell some photographs I framed at an artist market in 10 days which is also going to be very very cool! I hope I sell something.


So anyway it’s a nice feeling to see that things are happening and I am getting noticed for my photography. Not just on flickr : )


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Taken on May 18, 2009