Optimus Prime

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    1. agentfred 105 months ago | reply

      I don't see how this is supposed to become a semi and not look crappy as a toy. :-( It's a cool robot, but NOT a Transformer.

    2. Simon Davison 105 months ago | reply

      I'd love to see the Happy Meal toy version of this Prime... :)

    3. HPG 105 months ago | reply

      COOL!!! is this the one from MAGIC??? which booth was it - can't believe I missed it! Did Changes have this?

    4. strillione 105 months ago | reply

      Unfotunately, the Producers, the Director & the rest of the creative people behind the Transformers Live Action Movie are NOT a FAN of the cartoon, obviously. That is why they don't have the connection with the Characters, changing the entire Aura of the Characters designs.

      Changing Prime's Head Design is a Big Mistake, he looks like a Baboon...lol

      Sorry guys, this Film is not a Transformers, it is just another CG Robot Anime type Movie.

      Better luck next time but, then again, it's not to late to Change them...hmm?

      Start thinking, Dude!

    5. unkle73 104 months ago | reply

      This look for Prime is growing on me, his head looks better than the closeup pics I've seen elsewhere - I hate those.
      But they still really need to make him (his head, at least) look more recognisable. Here's a couple of pics I sketched out quickly in my lunch break last week to illustrate what I mean. Has anyone else come up with any?


    6. kaoru_ariff 99 months ago | reply

      Is this the latest model of terminator?? T-101, T 1000 , T X , T-ruck ???

    7. ptowns 98 months ago | reply

      man you f-in people kill me, you wanted a a TF movie for years hell we all want one,Now we as fans get one and all you can do is complain how "it don't lok like the cartoon"now answer one question how the hell can they fit over 200 kinds of TF's in one hour and half movie,why in the hell would want the live TFmovie to look like the f-in cartoon when we all know that big 15 foot robts can't TRANSFORM in to a f-in car that hardly 8 feet all i'm sayin is hold jugment till the end credits not before.I mean how would you design TF'S of the here and now and that fits in real life. you can't otherwise you would have had the job.

    8. damonhendrix 96 months ago | reply

      The thing i don't feel comfortable with the movie is, not about the changes or modification from the original cartoons, it's the disappearance of robot's aesthetics.

      The only thing i'm sure is, they'll make whole lotta of money anyway.

    9. transformers 2 70 months ago | reply

      is this the transformer 1 optimus?

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