Twitpic anti-social network pattern?

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    1. Todd Barnard ages ago | reply

      This is really starting to bug me. SRSLY. According to Tantek this is an example of "Anti-social network pattern" and is supposed to be "bad". So is it "worse" when one website ( Twitpic ) is asking for your username and password to another website ( Twitter ) that is already "phishing" for your Gmail username and password?

      Is this "bad" practice accumulative?

      Anyone? Class? Beuller?

    2. tantek ages ago | reply

      Thanks for the heads up ronin691. I've added it to:

      Please feel free to add more examples to that wiki page, and go ahead and remove the person tags for me and Chris.


    3. factoryjoe ages ago | reply

      You should bug Twitter to finally implement OAuth:

      They're working on it but haven't prioritized it. It'd be useful to get more folks to call them on this! ;)

    4. Todd Barnard ages ago | reply

      @factoryjoe I'm just a lowly end user, but having you and Tantek comment on this carries a lot weight. I do have a "friend of a friend" who works at Twitter and I will see if he responds to an email...err "e-FAIL".

      What about one of those "e-patitions"? Do those ever work?

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