China 2013
Beijing (2013/03/16-2013/03/18)
- Arrived around 7pm Saturday. Spent Sunday visiting touristy sights. Monday was mostly business with early free time at Tiananmen Square then heading to the airport to go to Shanghai.

Shanghai (2013/03/18-2013/03/20)
- Arrived late on Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Tuesday was all business, and Wednesday was client presentations before heading to the airport for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong (2013/03/20-2013/03/23)
- Arrived BEYOND late at 3:30am on Thursday morning. I do not recommend border crossing late at night. Too much. Thursday was meant to be our free day up to the reception, so we wandered. Friday was meant to be more business and touristy options, but ended up being a little bit more free. Saturday was bright and early to the airport at 8am.
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