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hi little boy! come on over here! | by romeo'smom
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hi little boy! come on over here!

Romeo at Myrtle Beach, SC ~ 9 1/2 months old ~ Labor Day weekend ~ 9/2/07


Romeo has been working like a dog all summer, and it was finally time for a break. We went to Myrtle Beach, SC, his first time at the ocean, and he had a blast. He was nice enough to pose for a few photos first, although a little distracted, understandably. Then, it was off to his first task of the day, digging a hole to China and flinging sand all over anyone in his path, especially since the wind was blowing so hard. Next was a little surfing, which he took to like a fish in water. He ran full speed ahead straight into the waves, and I think the only thing stopping him was the leash with me at the end of it hanging on for dear life. He was fascinated with the foam at the edge of the water which appeared to be alive as it was blown by the wind, and a little scared of a piece of seaweed, although it wasn't moving. He enjoyed taking a long stroll down the beach under the moonlight, as there were lots of buried treasures to find. And believe me, everything is a treasure when you are a dalmatian puppy! I think his favorite find was a pair of blue goggles. He would hold them down with his paws and stretch the strap out with his mouth, sometimes letting it snap back and doing it again. And, of course, he got lots of attention, almost constant, from kids who wanted to pet him and from people who were entertained by him, and one lady wanted to take his picture and told us that she had a dalmatian who died 4 years ago. For anyone who is not familiar with Myrtle Beach, it is like a carnival, especially where we were - near the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum, shops, arcades, and hot dog and pizza shops - and especially on Labor Day weekend, so between the people, the ocean, the trash, the music, the lights, and the many activities, he was in puppy heaven! No quiet deserted beaches for this boy! The more noise and activity the better, and he had so much excitement for one day that he threw up all over the front seat of the car and was passed out the whole way home. All in all, it was a fun-filled day and, needless to say, just what the doctor ordered for this exuberant adolescent puppy!


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Taken on September 2, 2007