reception (Signal Mountain Country Club)

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    Funky dress from thrift store on Broad Street in 1996: $7
    Fake pearls from department store jewelry counter: $21
    Going stag to Karen's wedding and having a damn good time: priceless

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    1. Janusfinder ages ago | reply

      This is a little gem.

    2. simply photo ages ago | reply

      great dress!

    3. brandonrhodes ages ago | reply

      You look beautiful. Especially your raven hair! And you must have some of the best tags of anyone on Flickr — buried in each list of tags are shimmering little facets of unexpected meaning added to your photograph.

    4. Scott Thigpen ages ago | reply

      I love this picture, it's great!

    5. Andrea Scher ages ago | reply

      So cute!

      You and the wallpaper/dress configuration.



    6. lotusutol ages ago | reply

      erm... if i may ask, what does 'going stag' mean? could be a US-ism... if it's a sensitive topic just drop it =)

    7. the dent ages ago | reply

      seconds superheros' comments


    8. DavePeckens ages ago | reply

      I love self photos!

    9. Daria Ellington ages ago | reply

      Good to see you!

    10. j david ages ago | reply

      /me sends good thoughts to "grace"

      i hope i'm over-reading the tags, but my best thoughts are with you anyway!

    11. re -loo ages ago | reply

      oh wow....signal mountain? that is crazy...i have been on that mountain many times. great memories come to mind.

    12. selva ages ago | reply

      Love the caption, and your facial expression is so cute!

    13. romanlily ages ago | reply

      lotus — "going stag" means going to a social event alone. There's a little more information here. Yes, I guess it's a US-ism!

    14. Sam Scholes ages ago | reply

      Well aren't you a vintage darling.

    15. Gael de Pékin ages ago | reply

      good to learn about this meaning of stag (for me it was only a male deer). I love the tag mastercard... will see if there's other pics taged with it.

    16. bubbleooooo2004 77 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called J n JJ GROUP, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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