Concerto dos "Blasted Mechanism"

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Queima das Fitas.
Barcelos - Portugal

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  1. Findo 108 months ago | reply

    What's with the roadie in the back?
    Nice shot otherwise.

    (and I was here first :P )

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  2. wit 108 months ago | reply

    Wonder if he sticks his tongue out when he uses that wrist action on "other" occasions
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  3. wit 108 months ago | reply

    BTW Findo there's nothing great about coming first

  4. andertho 108 months ago | reply

    bizarre, interesting subject.

    not a very special photo though.


  5. st0l1 108 months ago | reply

    Red is not this guys color...I am curious what it says on his guitar though...and why the guy in the background is looking at his ass...

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  6. delviking 108 months ago | reply

    Funny, but not really a good picture imho.


  7. Domk 108 months ago | reply

    left side is to distracting to me...


  8. azem 108 months ago | reply

    over saturated.

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  9. Digital Blue 108 months ago | reply

    It's very very red~

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  10. JJParé 108 months ago | reply

    interesting guitar.
    uninteresting composition.

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  11. Hamed Saber 108 months ago | reply

    I don't agree with others!
    I think this shot is great!
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  12. RoosjeVanDoorn 108 months ago | reply

    bad composition.. bad light.. bad background...
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  13. Carlos Manta Oliveira 108 months ago | reply

    Vi a voto no "Te desafio" e só podiam mesmo ser eles.

  14. Carlos Manta Oliveira 108 months ago | reply

    Parabéns, a voto ganhou o desafio, não esquecer propor novo tema.

  15. José Gomes 108 months ago | reply

    Vencedora do concurso n.º 03 - FECHADO (roman-man) - Tema: Guitarra.


  16. JucaFii 102 months ago | reply

    belíssima, roman!

  17. sadmafioso 101 months ago | reply

    I agree with Domk's crop suggestion, but very nice colour!
    Music Photo's Greatest Money Shots! 3.9/5 points.

  18. alanejohnson006 101 months ago | reply

    Music Photo's Greatest Money Shots! 1.5/5 points.
    It doesn't work for me , the pose isn't very good and I don't like the red lighting. He looks like he's never held a guitar before.

  19. Otavio Sousa 101 months ago | reply

    boa luz!
    mas mas sem o tipo do fundo, a foto poderia ter ficado mais futurista, combinando com o clima desse guitarrista.
    Music Photo's Greatest Money Shots! 2.5/5 points

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