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Venezuelan Pottery

In 1957, my wife Sammy (she wasn't even my girl friend at that time...) experienced a once in a lifetime adventure, when some very dear family friends invited her to spend a couple weeks with them in Venezuela, weeks that appeared to have no end because she didn't return home until six months later. During her stay, she was wined and dined in luxury and got to see the country like few tourists ever do, traveling by Jeep, boat, plane and horseback into all sorts of remote areas.


One of her adventures took her to the Guajira Peninsula, a sandy desert north of Maracaibo, where her party came upon a nomadic tribe of Guajira Indians, and it was from the Guajiras that she bargained for this jug. She was not comfortable bargaining and was quite willing to pay the asking price, but she was told that she must bargain. No one paid the asking price, and if she did, she would have been looked upon as being quite strange, to say the least, and it was strange enough that this 5'10" blue eyed blonde towered over even the tallest men in the tribe, without adding any more to her strangeness. Here's a shot of Sammy among the Guajiras.


So, that's the story of the jug, which I used as the subject for today's Daily Challenge: "Still Life."

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Taken on June 2, 2011