Salford Royal Hospital NHS Set
In response to a question on a Forum, I wrote something that might be of interest to others:

Quote from: wintoid
"Are you likely to do a book of the Salford photos? How did you come to get such access?"

When I exhibited the Salford Royal work the Hospital management proposed that I put a book together and the quote, before the days of Blurb, was £9,000. The remaining Founders Fund could afford it, but one member of the Board did not think it was appropriate use of funds and the Fund slipped into the £multi-million budget for Hope Hospital.

I have been asked by ex-employees if a book can be made available and I may create one and make it available via Blurb. I make dozens of albums, so it wouldn't be difficult for me. I'm not driven by a need to be published, featured, or recognised, which is a consequence of my camera club membership many years ago, my disdain of celebrity and family indifference to my attempts when I was starting out. Of course, I like others seeing and commenting on my photos, but I do this for myself and am more interested in the last film and the next versus what's gone before.

How did I get access ? I asked. I sat in my car at the traffic lights outside Salford Royal and was contemplating why I hadn't picked up my cameras in months, why nothing had a purpose and what was making pictures all about, anyway, etc ? Maybe a project would give me a purpose, but what, where, how ?

Then I looked at the hospital and recalled reading that it was closing down and the thoughts combined just before the lights turned to green. ( I made that bit up, Ha). So, I went back to my office and asked the works nurse who would give me access to shoot the internal architecture of the building. I had no intention, nor abilty, of shooting people at that time. I contacted the Head of Administration, went for a meeting, was given a tour and then I was on my own to come and go as I pleased.

It got its own life after that, which is worth repeating, but you didn't ask about that, so I'll end here.

Thanks for your interest.

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