GSC Water Vessels!
The other day someone told me that we were breaking new ground with this water bottle design. They had me convinced for a split second but then I remembered that the designs compiled to create the GSC water bottle are hundreds of years old and are still just as fresh today. While we didn't have much of a choice in vessel contour (the water bottle hasn't changed in awhile), I do feel like we succeeded in producing a design with a visual rhythm that hypnotizes the beholder. It sends them on a mental trip to ancient lands as holy today as they were then, but now our gods are the wheels beneath us, carrying us effortlessly across the land. So if you enjoy the past you'll probably be pretty psyched on these bottles.

We used the Specialized Purist 22oz Bottles. Printed Black on Clear, Green, Pink and Dark Trans.

A special thanks to our good friend Joshua Porter for collaborating with us on the creation of these bottles.
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