Feal Mor Winter 2010/11!
As winter grew ever near across the US we were having the time of our lives here in California. I'm not going to say we had a perfect Southern California winter but it was pretty damn close. We had snow in the Mountains and we even had some warm rains which made for very nice riding conditions(we don't see much rain, so we still think it's fun). And when the sun did peak through towards the end of day you could see for miles. No matter what mountain-top you were on, the ocean was always visible.

Long story short...winters in Southern California are amazing and motivate one to take on just about anything. 85 mile rides with 6,000 feet of climbing, 8 mile runs up Mt. Baldy, 35 mile climbs so steep you keep asking yourself why and ski, ski, ski! Believing you are physically capable of doing anything also leads one's self to believe that they are mentally capable of things that aren't even close to possible. So myself and a friend Jesse Carmody decided we wanted to do something more than our day jobs. We had the idea of starting a cycling related production company. We would call it Noru Prod. and just see what happened. But we soon realized that we couldn't predict the future and that family crisis will always come before any kind business venture. Oh yeah, and that day jobs suck!

We only got around to doing a couple jobs but what we really like what we did and of course we always had fun. One for swrve and the other for a small clothing company called Feal Mor that I also have talked about on Tracko once before. I really like how the Feal Mor job turned out and never really got to share it with anyone so HERE you go! We didn't have much time to shoot or many models but we made do and in my opinion succeeded in showing the garments and the lifestyle surrounding them. Of course I would have liked to had longer and been able to get more models but once again time is of the essence.
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