HD size with Street Chrome Version of 2010 Men's Gold Medal Hockey Day Geotagged Pics from Flickr

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    Each red, yellow or orange dot represents 1 geotagged cameraphone photo from Flickr taken between 00:00 Feb 28 2010 PST to 11:59PM Feb 28 2010 PST. Over 2000 photos!

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    Works on Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome, Safari iOS 4 but not Firefox 3.6

    0. Granville and Robson truly were the epicentre of action that day!
    1. No photos uploaded from Granville Island
    2. No photos uploaded from The Drive - East Van was almost totally unaffected by the Olympics

    Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

    1. DBarefoot 54 months ago | reply

      Why are the dots different colors?

      There might have been no photos on Granville Island because it was populated with American, non-hockey loving tourists?

    2. roland 54 months ago | reply

      different colours just for fun (my program alternates between red and yellow with 0.5 transparency which results in orange when red and yellow overlap) - i would like to modify the program to change the colour depending on the time the photo was taken, know anybody with a colour palette with a unique colour for each hour of the day?

      about granville island - americans LOL :-) i too am really surprised since i'd have imagined that there would be hockey fans at the swiss house at GI with GPSes and cameraphones

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