at the end of 2006 i was thinking about buying a new desk. but the crazy thing was, i couldn't find one. until i was moving from düsseldorf to hamburg in spring 2007, i could not find the one i wanted to have. so, i thought about it and decided to buid my own one.

the first idea was to build a workplace for me an my laptop. it took time until i had the perfect concept. i had the idea to build a space into the desk where I could keep stuff, like my macbook. a simple drawer was too easy. i used the frame from an old clerical desk my dad found and built onto it a table top. i decided to create an open top leaf, which features two holes, one for the power cable and the other for his peripherals that are hidden under the top leaf. i counterbore all the screws used to build the desk so that he could then plug them up and paint over them. i polished and sanded table, then primed, varnished, and polished again. i repeated this process 2-3 times. i installed a power strip inside the desk that can be turned on and off. the strip is powered by the red power cord that snakes out of the desk. the costs were relativly low, because the frame was for free. the wood to make the tabletop cost about € 30, then screws, varnish, hinges, power cord, and strip totaled about € 100.
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