Nepal 2015: Far West
A trek from Gunna (in Darchula District, near the western border of Nepal with India) to Simikot ...

... following little-used trails between the main valley systems in order to traverse around the northern side of the Saipal Himal.

This trek was the first part of an extended 44-day trek from Darchula to Jumla. The photographs from the second-part of the trek may be found in the Nepal 2015 - Mugu album.

Place names, peak heights etc. are generally taken from the Nepal 1:50000 topographic maps. Some references are also made to the 2013 edition of the NP109 and NP110 GHT-series maps from the Himalayan Map House.

For some extra-wide panoramas see the following additional collection on Google Photos - Far West, Nepal
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