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  1. Les Izmore 118 months ago | reply

    Webster at Geary? Where's Lil' Oscar?

  2. Troy McClure SF 118 months ago | reply

    Man, I miss out on so many good pictures because I'm too busy driving. :(

  3. Les Izmore 118 months ago | reply

    Oooops, Steiner at Geary?

  4. shamelessjames 118 months ago | reply

    hmm, I would have stuck with the Webster and Geary guess.

  5. roger jones 118 months ago | reply

    Les has it. Its eastbound Geary at Steiner. The Kabuki is visible on the right.

  6. Les Izmore 118 months ago | reply

    They're on the way to throw down with the giant bucket o' chicken at the KFC on the corner.

  7. HCK8 118 months ago | reply

    Amazing isn't IT ?

  8. seanhoyer 118 months ago | reply

    !! very cool.

    (congrats--this is currently flickr explore's #3 most interesting photo for 6/14).

  9. roger jones 118 months ago | reply

    explore has such bad taste, if I'd shot it going into the tunnel it would be #1.

  10. seanhoyer 118 months ago | reply

    heh, true. my most "interesting" pictures are those of my friends' dogs, apparently.

  11. Fitzy 117 months ago | reply

    Geary @ Steiner. Totally.
    Bad place for a hot dog that size that time of night.

  12. roger jones 117 months ago | reply

    Thats when the big dogs come out.

  13. Kris Kros 117 months ago | reply

    This is ranked as one of the Top 20 pictures for 14 June 2006.

    I invite you to add this to Explore Front Page/Top 20 of the Day.

    At this time, your picture is listed here: flickr.com/explore/interesting/2006/06/14/

  14. Lucy...I'mHome! [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

    Great picture of the Wienermobile!

    Would you mind adding it to my group?



  15. Lucy...I'mHome! [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

    Thanks for joining!

  16. cabbit 106 months ago | reply

    Hey Roger,

    Thanks for licensing your photo using a Creative Commons license!

    Your photo has been used for a Year of Faith blog entry about Discordian transgressions.

    Thanks again,

    -Andrew Ferguson

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