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The dildo | by Surfactant
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The dildo

A quite large dildo that is beyond the point of self-retrieval, in the rectum and sigmoid of a patient.


These cases are more frequent than you might imagine. Many of these patients will state that "they fell on it", or use some accidental method of rectal penetration as an explanation for why they are in the ER. Some even go so far as to say things such as: "I was attacked by a group of men who did this to me." Nearly all of these types of cases are patients who were trying to achieve or enhance sexual gratification through anal and rectal stimulation. What I do appreciate though, are the patients who are in this situation and just get brutally honest. "I was getting off on this thing in my ass and it went too deep." It's not that I don't respect the people that make excuses. I can't even imagine the horrific embarrassment of having to go to the ER to have a 'still vibrating' dildo removed from your rectum. Definitely a very personal thing, no matter who you are, and many would be too mortified to tell the truth to strangers. It's just that every now and then, someone comes in and says: "I love these things in my ass. I got one stuck and I can't get it out, will you help me?"


I respect that kind of honesty.

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Taken circa 1999