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Adventure motorcycle riding in India! "ONE CRAZY RIDE!"


I have a previous encounter with the producers of this DVD, their previous DVD release "Riding Solo To The Top Of The World" I deem EPIC! When I got the email from Dirt Track Productions that a new DVD was complete, I had to add this new one to my ADVENTURE COLLECTION!


This DVD takes us on a journey to see through documentary style film as 60kph-Motorcycle Club ride parts of India rarely seen as they travel remote villages across the Himalayan state of Aunachal Pradesh in North-east India.


As the previous DVD was put together with no back-up support vehicle at the same time delivering SPECTACULAR FOOTAGE AND SCENES, the same is true for this new adventure as well.


This DVD, "One Crazy Ride" while the bikes could be considered primitive, old-school, classic bikes, their courage and open-mindedness to ride off into the wild on these bikes and the places they explore on such bike command respect! We have no excuse after watching a stories like these. As I am a huge fan follower of adventure stories told on the web site, the Dirt Track Productions film-stories are of the same such epic-tales captured on film and deserved to be told and seen in DVD format.


If you have an ounce of adventure spirit in your bones, I highly encourage you to visit the website, check out a couple of video clips and see for yourself if you think this is a DVD you wish to own. While I have honestly never had any interest in India, I know know if I was to ever go, these are the folks I would want to hang out with! I have yet to find a motorcycle adventure DVD such as what the crew at Dirt Productions have created! This bike trip is "REAL" real-life and real drama, real break-downs and all that comes with just being out on an adventure.


They capture more than just traveling by motorcycle as you catch a slice of life through these exotic locations such as Ziro, India and very very remote village where the older women have wooden disk placed in cut-out in the skin of their noses. The 60kph-Motorcycle Club happen upon this village at the time of a wedding and they are asked to stay and witness the ceremonies and old-world traditions. Adventure travel at it's best and I do not want to spell out the whole DVD to you, trust that it is 87-minutes full of adventure. OK, wait till you see a jungle hunter spot his food in the tree and pulls out a SLING SHOT, pulls back and zap! Bird falls to the jungle floor. WOW! OK, one more bit... the 60kph-Crew is reduced to one rider, Gaurav Jani and falls back into solo-film mode, same way the first DVD was produced, but the films action and capture of action and elements is NOT REDUCED! I think it's Gaurav pursuit of capturing his own ride on film as largely what makes these films so exciting and captivating. Yes, he has masted plating the camera and filming segments of him riding.. OK, I'm not telling you any more! GO SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

Viewers are advised 18-yrs up.


Visit for more info.


Massive CONGRATULATIONS to Director and Rider, Gaurav Jani and his crew with their efforts in simply making awesome story-telling come to life.

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Taken on July 18, 2009