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Union farm | by Rocky Pix
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Union farm

I found another shot of the farm that faces Union Reservoir and the sky was by now hurting, so I figured it needed replacing. This would be a likely spot to try out the previous sky. I wanted to see if the cloud movements in the combination would work. We are getting a stretch of bad and smokey skies lately but I am convinced this sky sparked up the scene measurably. As you can see, I te-toned image to suit the softening light. I worked the sky for flow and placement. Depressing. I have lucked out east lately so I went prospecting again across a nasty washboard dirt road even though I felt the day was already toast. The light was already fading and the skies almost gone by now. I thought the new round of smoke might minimize as I traveled further east from the haze caused by the latest round of forest fires. That was the clouds trek to McIntosh. Eddie likes feathery clouds; no kidding! This sky toward the east is a bit misleading because ugly clouding is approaching my back from the Continental Divide. It's sometimes a testament that stuff manages to creep over the Continental Divide at all! When it does, the clouds decompress and usually wait until they have traveled east a piece. The mess of afternoon clouds clunked up what was already enveloping light. I will probably have to wait, there are a few days down to the upper 80s in the forecast. Sheesh. Will I need a jacket?


At first glance, I thought this was a neat little farm that had a view of Union Reservoir, to my right. It used to be called Calkins. It may be that he sold or leased his land to the neighbor, a working farmer, behind who has acres of corn planted. Afterward I saw the trash piled in the back and I figured it was just another who is unwilling to build America like the predecessors did like so much of the right wingsters. It seems like that the less a politician amounts to, the more he waves the flag! I scrubbed out the trash in the back and removed signs of three "derelict" vehicles that were visible.


I have made a habit of cleaning up and posting the interesting skies I have found but you still have to match the sky to the scene and that also means the contrast and atmospheric qualities. Take and use any or the skies that tickle you. Credit is much appreciated unlike the habits of some I know.


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Taken on August 10, 2012