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Eddie's memorial tree | by Rocky Pix
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Eddie's memorial tree

This time out of town, I was still wandering around the Broley barn on a hot day. I have already shot pictures of the barn and I thought I'd look it over again because you never know when fantastic clouds will pop up. I was about ready to melt when I saw the barn door. I ducked into the shade. I have shot here before too so I looked over Eddie's tree that he had needled me about. It looks like the afternoon clouding is almost upon us for some relief. I liked the contrasts this view of Eddie's tree presents so here it is as a memoriam. I swear that I must never have really looked around the barnyard before when I found a perfect crop of chokecherries blocking the access. I visited again to haul in the crop before the berries dry up and drop. I found a bumper crop of chokecherries out there and have already alerted the gang. I am sure this in a chokecherry and not a plum because there are several just on the far side of this silo. This may never produce berries but I do admire the tenacity of a bush that has ever refused all my transplant attempts. It's clear I need to try a crummy place for the transplant. This is Eddie's Tree in memoriam. I am happy to steal from him any time I can. He would have liked it that way.


At this date, I gathered chokecherries and put nearly 2 gallons of juice in the refrigerator. Then I made an initial few jars of the jelly but alas most of the initial batch of the elixir is already gone. There were a few sprinkles track across the area so the cooling may bring an evening of jelly making. Or picture processing? I think we may miss the dreaded 100 degrees today (barely) and I am totally frazzled by the previous two days out in it. In the mean time, I'm waiting for the funeral of the Edster who was runned over by UP #844. I yelled he should move back, but you know him and his photography. He should never have gotten that super wide lens for his camera.


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Taken on June 27, 2012