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Secluded barn

I looked over the Edward Weston Exhibit for a second time and decided that I have work to do and that encompassed another trip around the countryside, I went to the exhibit expecting to spend a half hour looking at old photos and ended up studying art for over an hour each for two sessions.


This time out of town, I wandered around the area west of Frogmont on a hot day. I caught sight of the old dairying operation I shot previously. I noticed the chokecherries out there for the first time and decided my seeing muscle was in bad shape. Needless to say I lost all kinds of time on my chokecherry binge. The significance of this shot was that I was on the way back into town after discovering the chokecherries. I knew that there had to be some shots somewhere around and I think I saw more for some time when I am not on a different mission. I thought I'd better postpone the berry picking for the camera. Eddie said there was no way he would pick chokecherries. Too much like work?


I am struck by the number of farms around that don't need to be in serious production. That is evidenced by the stagnant field in the foreground. I assume that the farmer sold off his water rights in the past. I suppose the next step is to have gravel outfits chop holes all over and dump the property onto the county roles. Tsk, tsk, that pesky OVERBURDEN some foolishly call soil. What CAN you do otherwise with farm land? Maybe the future roll of the dice has not been played.


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Taken on July 6, 2012