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Horseshoe Park

Again, I dialed the clock back in time to when the big cloud was still playing tricks. Yep, another capture with a radical range of light, I like the challenge. Again, the scene is largely within the half-light of the morning clouding but this time the foreground is generally lighter, and the colors very well saturated. It is taken in a more open area. This one seemed as though it successfully stretched across the two RAW layers. The mountains were light and I wish I had a shot maybe a 1/3 darker exposure but I was busy following Phil over to Fall River to look over the stream. The shade hosts a pretty flat light that I worked on as I could. The shade detail is terrific though this kind of lighting minimizes the noticeable beetle kill in the forests already plaguing the area. I don't particularly want to "paint all the trees." (Although I know how to get away with it.) The dead trees may soon render the view unshootable.


Fall River? Fall is one of the things this stream doesn't do well in this meadow! It is much better at meandering. That's not true everywhere in it's course though. Here it is tranquil... for now! Just above, Lawn Lake dam broke some years back and caused a scouring now called an alluvial fan. Down stream it did a number on Estes Park when it reached the town. In the Endovalley meadow, damages are not detectable to the eye at all now. The stream is back to its meandering in a snake-like path. Somewhere along here a 28 inch cutthroat was dredged from its hole and blown onto the banks: a casualty of the flood. Don't read any of this story into fly fishing little bitty streams in Colorado though. I suspected that the one of those fishermen might have been seasoned, though, when I saw him squat to a very low profile as he approached, However, I know my dear friend, (now deceased) Gary LaFontaine's words to be true though, "You can wade into a stream dressed like a Christmas tree, but you will have to wait a while longer for the fish to return." I won't divulge how I confirmed this actuality because we got enough folks pounding popular waters.


Phil wanted to try out his new park pass Tuesday and the temps were supposed to hit middle 90s in MAY so I knew I'd better be ready early. He's a real peach; don't tell him that! I didn't want to suffer down on the flats so I had a sandy, drink, orange and oh yeah my camera ready to go early. We're outta here. Eddie over in Utah, heh, heh, for the eclipse now but I already got to a TOTAL solar some time back.If it's 90s here, then its out of control there. And to be perfectly honest, they just opened Trail Ridge Road early and if it gets too hot, we could keep driving up... and up. We first headed for Endovalley Picnic ground near where the Trail Ridge and Fall River Roads divide. Fall River Road has yet to be opened because they probably have to visit Trail Ridge Road Regularly. Equipment is parked, at the ready, over there right now.


We inherited early clouding, something that often happens in the area. It seems the Rockies can generate local weather. After we got out of the truck, we both immediately noticed the unusual sky, already posted, and knew the trip would already be successful If I could snap usable images. With Phil pointing everywhere; I guess he wants ME to capture everything. Oh, the price! I knew this would take a bit of processing to coax out the max we saw but I exposed this with the intent of including the maximum detail I could on the lit and shaded scenes. Of course, I jacked the sky. The sky processing is the same as that described in the posting and the second posting I made recently. Although I had quite a bit of work in this scene, I think I came close to the early morning lighting which was a stretch at best. Especially for the overcast part of the scene. Remember, I expose for the highlights in the clouds. Nikon usually serves up the rest in the RAW.


Well, I shot more captures of varying degrees of difficulty to process, so we'll see where I get to. I am feeling like I gotta grab my camera and go soon! I'll see if Eddie gets back at all from his excursion. I looked and there is nothing new over there yet and I have been pumping. Ha better get some grand stuff up or I'll... I have hatched a pretty good plan! It would take some effort, though and that light weight might not be up to it.


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Taken on May 21, 2012