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How to irrigate cattails | by Rocky Pix
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How to irrigate cattails

This shot is the companion piece to the recent sunset shots, being on the reverse of things. Or perhaps bookends. I appreciated the cloud enveloped skies I had been capturing in the last few days and I launched myself out for a shot at Sandstone Park/Museum this morning. As I got outside, I realized the day was already trashed when my nose went up like an infield fly and I saw nothing but haze. I understand that the breeze had died over night. It was previously doing a great job blowing the smoke from the big Fort Collins blaze into Moobraska. I hear the monster turbo-prop tankers fly over regularly; they say it's every 20 minutes. Today it has spread everywhere, I thought that I never smoked for a good reason; no can do today. I decided to do some errands after which I cruised out east of town to scout the back roads. No blockbusters so far, the old town of Rinn is sprouting prairie castles, what ain't!


Out on the roads, I spotted a fairly pastoral scene that would do well in the encompassing haze. I went on by before discovering the new housing sprouting and turned around disgusted. I pulled into a small turnoff here on my way back north again. Geeze, north is toward the fire. As it turned out, the traffic was very low and it is a good thing I found a place to park; it was about time. I flew around the truck and grabbed my camera and headed along the water transportation canal. Sounds like Venice. Maybe not? It transports water to keep that bunch of cattails and some cottonwoods in the background thriving as nearly as I can see. Dang, I thought the Mittster and Bane Capital sold this acreage from under the feet of the once middle class farmer and shipped it to Singapore! I also thought Michael Milken got the big house for it? Oh, that's right the Mittster renamed the deed and polished the new name! Whoosh!


In any case I thought I'd try the same lens that shot the recent sunsets on a hazy day filled with flare opportunities. Well, here it is in a retouch that needed no extra layers and was a scene that was flatter than a pancake. Sad to report that I had to retouch some of the haze back in that I originally observed. Begins to look like a camera phone. Check the bank growth at the bottom. Go figure, it was still impeccably clean from the sunset shots. I read that the new Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 full-frame zoom is another to die for? It seems that nobody has ponied the scratch up for one for me yet!


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Taken on June 11, 2012