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Red, black & white and blue

Although definitely early the title is my tribute to the Fourth. It still sounds like the old girl scout in a blender joke; non-politically correct though. That's right, I only know three politically correct jokes. I put some time in on the McIntosh Red (with hidden overtones) shot then I scanned my pictures to see if one would create a good black & white conversion and from the shots, I picked this one as the simplest and boldest... and started the conversion. MAN, I might have to get up and slap my buns. I did the Anoop Negi trick and completely desaturated the Master in Hue/Saturation but then fiddled with the primary lightness/ darkness sliders. The blue went total dark, the red went total light, kind of like a 1-A filter. Then I punched yellow and green about halfway light before OK-ing the Hue/Saturation dialog. This is where it ended up. I hope you like it. This supposedly the barn they dragged in from the FAA property and fixed up for the many exhibits. They show all the labor that went into agriculture when the 99er's owned their own.


We just got out of Rocky Mountain National Park last Tuesday and I figure it will be a wild one for the summer. You couldn't pay me to go now, except for a cooler day. I'm about ready with a string of 90s approaching but I have to recharge both batteries and clear the card. I appreciated the way the clouds were beginning to envelope the sky on the wider angle shots. Man, if someone would pony up the 2 grand for the 14-24 full-frame Nikkor, I'd blaze away. I moved in for consecutively tighter shots on the red barn after I captured "The old spread" and tried to crop out problems as was possible. The horizon is about correct from this angle. On the right hand side of the frame is the new stock shed where they are housing the ponies and pigs while the slow elk, in the pasture on the left, have to feed themselves. It's amazing they have that much IQ! There are several exhibits inside the red barn for the mommas to explain to the kiddies. All the kiddies want is a cool soda pop as long as they have to walk. Careful, the chickens and bunnies are under foot; a delight to the kiddies no doubt. I am sure that moms and kids will find this a fantastic break from the kitchen and the tube. I went out again on Sunday and shot more photos including some of the signs so I'd have a record. The bright red paint has not prevented the pigeons from dive bombing where they could.


This is the McIntosh-Lohr Farm Agricultural Museum on Highway #66, (not the same as Route #66). Put Longmont into Google Earth ( that's about all the Longmonts there are) then cruise north of McIntosh Lake on the northwest of Frogmont. That should help your direction finding. I dropped everything else because the clouding has been absent recently, today, they really popped the structures but I still had to wait for the chickens to cross the road before they allowed me passage. It looks like the clouds are starting to take their toll though there are still great skies in the shot. We can't agree which was the McIntosh barn and which was moved in from the FAA property. Phil reported that this was the barn that was brought in.


I am spending extra time on the best of the captures considering these abundant skies. I was just in time for the sky. I looked out of my window and jumped up, gathered my camera and split. I scored shots out here some years ago but the sky was a dud and I was using my old D70. The farm/museum is part way between Largemont and Hygiene, Colorado. Today, I can afford the time to stop and look (it was my "race on debt" for going there) over the old shots I ought to have spotted before. I bet though I'd better manage it in an hour or two. They have added new venues and I am in a wandering mood. Here is one of my results. The day would later collapse to overcast, allowing time to start editing. There COULD be some time involved in editing. After I boil the layers down to a TIFF, I will edit objects I can then.


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Taken on May 31, 2012