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Passing No Aqua | by Rocky Pix
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Passing No Aqua

Where's Eddie the implant? He was holding this scrap of ground down against the entire world pushing up. Who's to know; he never said the buddy system didn't work around him. Glory, a shot without him in the way: what's the world going to do? Maybe I can replace him with a Chia Pet Homer.


No doubt about it; #346 is a Rockies favorite. The excursion was not quite full but it is still early Sunday morning. I moved after snagging quite a few at the other junction. This is Delay Junction but no delays seems to be slowing trips. Why would you stop at No Aqua anyway? I readied myself when I heard the engine chuffing it's way up the hill. They may have been sanding the flues to clean the accumulated soot buildup and make a more impressive exhaust show what with extra coal, soot and lubricants. Of course, the flues won't last as long, if not done judiciously. It's a show; it looks like a bituminous cloud. There is steam trailing from the electric generator situated boiler top just in front of the cab to help set the scene. I think they must only be running the headlight. The usually spiffed engine is already sooty from Saturday's runs; is it any wonder? Maybe they kept it fired overnight. Red and green cars; the yellow No Aqua water tower is a nice touch as is the curve of the fence. I kind of like the low angle that assigns more power to the train.


Egad, where's Eddie? It's nice to know a photographer can still capture life-like shots at the CRRM.Maybe I can replace him with a Chia Pet Homer? This presents a nice countryside scene; it could almost be real..


The morning broke very clear and bright. Typical Rockies drop to below zero but today got hefty after it exceeded 50 degrees here in the Front Range area of the Rockies. A great but cloudless day to cover the time before the holidays. Today, New England is in town to challenge Tim Tebow an it is forecast to creep up on 60 degrees. I suppose if I could clone Eddie out I could drop a sky in.


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Taken on December 10, 2011