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Mellow yellow

Saturday morning Eddie rousted me to meet him shooting crop dusting so I drove out #52 to look for the meet. As it turned out the meat was between his ears and maybe didn't get it right but I had been out there prospecting and didn't find anything earth-shattering. So Eddie and I went to celebrate over at Jerry D's. Celebrate something or another. I forget what. Senior moment? The sun was still out and up so he headed for gas and I headed on Colorado Boulevard north prospecting for anything. I figured he'd catch up sooner nor later. Man I had to blast right through Frederick where they were only growing tract houses to blight the prairie. Eventually, things looked up when I passed some more ag sites that looked good. there was a field of sunflowers a bit further and Eddie had wanted a shoot there even though there was no irrigation so the seeds would ripen and dry. I found a great spot over on the Berthoud road and nailed mine some time back. The field is gone this year. High school girls were there taking advantage. THE SUNFLOWERS; NOT US! My whole life here, I've failed to capture the elements of this land until THE Eddie bumped me off dead center. Well, Eddie: you show me yours and I'll show you mine.


No references to Donovan, just the color. This was Eddie's secondary target. I personally liked the abandoned sheds I spotted earlier on the road. This shot is about the color. Flower saturation explodes when using back lighting. This field displays less than the largest flowers as the farmer cut off the irrigation so the seeds would dry for harvest. Seeds or oil? Don't know; the seeds look pretty buenass themselves. The seeds are out of view here.


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Taken on August 19, 2011