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Werken brew | by Rocky Pix
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Werken brew

A fresh spring is outside the window of this house at the Moffat Tunnel. I edited the view outside the window as best as I could. I looked for this boot where I left it last fall but found it in another of the houses so this is a different broken window... and empty beer can When it gets difficult to put in a decent day's work, it's time to rebrew and review with the feet up. Maybe the mountain pack rats got to his boots while he was sleeping. Have you seen the size of the pack rats up here at the divide? A military retinue posted atop Pikes Peak in the past noted the size of the rats that carried pieces of concrete away! Sheesh! I've been walkin' on the railroad; Just to pass the time away. All while waiting for the horn to blow. I love the autumn colors of the grasses and shrubs outside. Winter's only months away, it's time to reglaze! The floors are already rough from moisture coming in.


General Palmer's first goal was Mexico but did he bring car loads of beer back when he got there? Where the heck is the Dos Equis that I prefer? I'm getting thirsty while tossing the houses for the new images that I am finding. In reality, the Santa Fe headed up Raton Pass (Pass of the rats) and Palmer turned his 3 foot route west at Pee-eblo.


This is in a company house near the Moffat Tunnel. eDDie and I rifled through some of the old D&RGW housing. I stuck my found boot and beer in the window. The view from the missing window shouts the season. The work force that operated the station - agents, telegraphers, electricians, curtain operators and other maintenance workers for the East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel had short walks to work and that hardly accounts for the wear on this boot. Maybe they walked all the way to the "Crossroads" and back. This housing is as tenuous as this boot. Boy, I bet these houses were dandy spots to sleep when the D&RGW Mallets were pounding their way up grade! Have you seen the size of the three-foot low pressure cylinders on the fronts of those Mallets? This shows the color on our second trip up to the Moffat.



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Taken on June 3, 2017