Walking Cuenca
This is a walk I took in Cuenca, Ecuador on November 20, 2014. I started around 9 am at the Terminal de Terrestre (bus station) and walked along streets I had walked on many times before. I went to the city center, then to the Museo de Arte Moderno, and then along the Río Tomebamba towards the Museo Tomebamba. From the Museo Tomebamba I walked along Calle Largo back to the city center and ended my walk around 6 pm at the hotel I often stay at, Hostal Escalinata. Besides taking photos, I picked up treasures along the way, items on the ground that would catch my eye and intriqued me for a variety of reasons: their materiality, their shape or form, their color, or some kind of cultural connations, or a mystery or story behind them. I actually did find a 10 dollar bill and decided to pick it up when there was no evidence that it would be returned to its owner (it was not in front of any door or car or anyplace that looked like someone would be returning). This is my ninth walk that I've documented.
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