Walking Portland
This is a walk I took on Monday, November 26th, 2012 in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

I used to live in Portland in 1986 and have been visiting lifelong friends there since I was a kid. I was in Portland in November to celebrate my friends' 50th wedding anniversary and decided to walk the route that I would often take on the bus (route 15) from Mt. Tabor to the Portland Art Museum where I used to work.

I started my walk at 9 am at the house I used to live in, 433 SE Gilham, and walked around Mt. Tabor. I finished my walk around 3 pm at Critical Path (my friend Burt's workplace) on 5th and Columbia. I walked mainly along bus route 15 which goes along Belmont Ave. and Morrison Ave. I stopped for lunch, corn pancakes with coconut and blueberrys, at the Paradox Cafe on Belmont Avenue for about one hour.

Along this route, I revisited places I used to frequent such as the Horse Brass or Multnomah Elections where I worked for a month.

I took photos of things that caught my eye and interested me and picked up treasures, thngs along the way that attracted me.
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