Children and Student`s Art from Sisid-Anejo, Ecuador, 2011
At the house I´m staying in in Sisid-Anejo, Cañar Province, Ecuador, I have a room set up as an informal, drop-in, art center. I have paper, pens, colored pencils, scissors, rulers, and about 150 books for the children to use. They stop by and do drawings, look at books, and learn a little English. They will sometimes get their ideas from the books that around or from the work I am doing or from their friends. I document their drawings and we will be having an exhibit of the children´s art at the Sisid-Anejo community center onFebruary 17-19th, 2012.

I will also take the children´s art with me to Minneapolis and have an art exhibit of their work at Homewood Studios in north Minneapolis from May 1st to 16th. Many families here in Sisid-Anejo have families also living in Minneapolis.
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