Children's Art from Adugyama, Ghana
These are drawings and paintings by children in Adugyama, Ghana. Adugyama is a village on the Sunyani Road about 45 kilometers northwest of Kumasi, Ghana in the Ashanti Region.

I am staying with a family in Adugyama for awhile. I am, if you will, the village artist-in-residence who is also running an informal drop-in center for children to do art and look at books.

When children stop by, I have pens, colored pencils, paper, and books for them to use. They do drawings and look at the books that are layed out.

While the children work, I often do my own drawings or writing. They might get some ideas from me or get ideas from each other or get ideas from the books.

Most of the paper for drawing is about 6 inches x 8 inches. I'll be introducing new materials along the way. I've started painting with the reddish brown dirt and charcoal as well. Easily accessible and affordable items for the children

This is a very informal process. I sometimes work in the hall where there is a large table or I work outside. Sometimes I work alongside the kids or sometimes I'll just leave out the materials and go somewhere else. I encourage them to experiment, come with their own ideas, and work in their own style.
The Black Finger

I have just seen a beautiful thing
Slim and still,
Against a gold, gold sky
A straight cypress,
A black finger
Pointing upwards.
Why, beautiful, still finger are you black?
And why are pointing upwards?

by Angelina Weld Grimke (1880-1958) from the Anthology, Poetry for the Earth, P. 143, Ed. Sara Dunn, Alan Scholefield.
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