mooncake innards

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    I think it was lotus seed paste...colored green. I took some bites of the yolk but didn't like it much so I threw it out., I ate the rest of the mooncake. THE WHOLE THING. I was under the impression after reading so much about mooncakes that people only eat a quarter or so because due to the (caloric) density, that's all you need to feel satisfied. But I ate half, felt about the same as I did before eating it, and then i ate the other half and still felt okay. I don't feel stuffed, but mentally I'm thinking, "Damn, I wasn't supposed to eat the whole thing, but I did."

    I'll admit that I'm not proud of eating the whole thing, but what's wrong with my stomach? Why doesn't it sense fullness? (pokes it) Ugh. I suppose I should fast tomorrow but i have a lot of fruit and you know that's not going to happen. I only fast when I have no food around.

    1. Rather Salty 104 months ago | reply

      i think people only eat a quarter of mooncake because they're usually sharing it with people. and also, supposedly under the impression that it's a really exotic expensive delicacy? that's what i'd been told.

    2. roboppy 104 months ago | reply

      I read somewhere that people share it because a person can't really eat a whole thing, besides that it's something you usually eat with a bunch of people. I mean, a person COULD eat a whole one, but in general maybe most people can't finish it? Which is a lie, or maybe I'm a freak of nature; I ATE THE WHOLE THING, MRAAH. It was $4, which I thought was alright for a mooncake. I could buy 5 rice balls for that though. Mmm...yes, those are good.

    3. The_Canary 104 months ago | reply are a total gannet!

    4. anzyAprico 104 months ago | reply

      wow wow! inside is interesting!

    5. southeast star 104 months ago | reply

      Hmm, I can eat a whole mooncake by myself in one sitting. Sure, it's calorific, but homw often do you eat mooncakes? I love 'em, btw.

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