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    I STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND RED VELVET CAKE. I don't dislike it, I just don' it! And I keep eating it anyway, thinking that I might. The problem I keep running into is that it tends to not taste like anything. Good texture, don't know what the flavor is. Frosting was as fluffily ploppy smooth as it looks. Mmm frostiing...

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    1. cybele- 99 months ago | reply

      I think the flavor or red velvet cake is red food coloring. I used to think it was just very bad chocolate cake until I read a recipe.

      I'm guessing it's the cream cheese frosting that makes it.

    2. nate steiner 99 months ago | reply

      Maybe someone needs to make a version of it that uses some sort of dark cherry extract so the flavor matches the luxurious color?

    3. 10 Corso Como 99 months ago | reply

      i second that emotion. I'm going to make a green velvet cupcake just to spite people who are so gung ho about red velvet. Besides, when's the last time you saw someone wear red velvet? Isn't green velvet more common? Do I have a point? no. the answer is no.

    4. chocokat0718 99 months ago | reply

      yeah, it's just food colouring... hehehe. But yeah, the frosting is the best part! ;)

    5. maomau 99 months ago | reply

      never had one, but it sounds like carrot cake frosting on chocolate cake in disguise. :P its pretty,

    6. princess_of_llyr 99 months ago | reply

      I've always wanted to try Red Velvet because it looks so beautiful....

      I read in the NY Times that they think the origin of red velvet is devils food cake, but with the addition of red dye to make it more "evil" but ended up becoming a cake of it's own class. Huh.

    7. Subspace 99 months ago | reply

      My family is from the South, and it goes a little something like this: Red Velvet cake should taste lightly of chocolate and have a cream cheese frosting. If there is no chocolate taste at all, it was not made correctly.

      There was a time when chocolate was hard to come by but food coloring wasn't. Crafty ladies cut way back on the chocolate and loaded the cake batter with red food coloring to give the cake a "rich" look.

      My feeling is you either get Red Velvet or you don't.

    8. Mochene 99 months ago | reply

      Everyone has their own theory, will we ever know the "original" idea behind it?

      It's basically a white cake batter with red coloring and a little cocoa powder. Not enough cocoa to alter the flavor, but it tames the red coloring so it isn't freakishly bright.

      It doesn't make sense to make a chocolate cake and add red coloring because brown is a darker color than red and unless you added a ton of red coloring you really wouldn't see much of a difference if any.

      Red Velvet cake for Two is the "signature" dessert at Dine. I got so tired of making the batter and having red spots on my hands (even using gloves a dot or two sneaks through) I'm glad I no longer have to deal with that.

      If nothing else, it's pretty to take pics of!

    9. misstiffie 99 months ago | reply

      its a TON of food coloring. i made it once and it's chocolate cake with tons of food dye to make it red... its def the creme cheese frosting that makes it good... i used this wheat/grainy flour to make it once and i liked the texture it gave :)

    10. lashes457 99 months ago | reply

      it doesn't taste like anything special to me either! usually drier than regular cake, too

    11. roboppy 99 months ago | reply

      Hooly moly, red velvet cake is a hot topic!...

      So red velvet should taste faintly of chocolate? But not really? Out of the three or four times I've had red velvet (all in varying degrees of moist-ness), it didn't really taste like anything (not vanilla, not chocolate), so I haven't figure out the point of eating it unless it's just for the frosting, which is usually awesome. Mraaaah.

      Maybe I need to go to the South for really good red velvet cake? :)

    12. 10 Corso Como 99 months ago | reply

      You didn't taste any chocolate or vanilla, but did you taste any red or velvet?

    13. Alex Brey 99 months ago | reply

      It really is a pretty cupcake though. Even if it doesn't taste like much. Maybe it's sort of food sculpture, to be enjoyed aesthetically.

    14. thewanderingeater 99 months ago | reply

      It a pretty and cute cupcake. Just to let you know why this topic is hot, Robyn, it's because you've been Tastespotted!

    15. roboppy 99 months ago | reply

      Michelle: Oh, it tasted like VELVET! Totally.

      Alex: If I'm supposed to just stare at it, it shouldn't be EDIBLE! Rawr.

      Tina: Oohhh, that makes more sense now! (Thanks Cybele!)

    16. chotda 99 months ago | reply

      we have green velvet cake here! it's totally crazy, it looks like...thick pool table felt. so green felty cake really. it usually only shows up at xmas, but i'll look for one for you.

      i'm completely allergic to red velvet cake. i think it's the dye. bleah.

    17. huddle formation 99 months ago | reply

      Even if you don't like it, it's a great picture! I love all of your shots.

    18. ohhoe 98 months ago | reply

      A lot of times people don't like Red Velvet cake because of the vinegar that's in it, compared to other cakes / cupcakes.

      Cute picture though. :D

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