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    HAHAHA POOFY! Wearing his/her (uh, I dunno) own button.

    1. trent™ ages ago | reply

      Ah, Poofy. The ex-girlfriend has a pink one. If I got one, I'd want uh... grey!

    2. roboppy ages ago | reply

      Oo pink? Like plain pink or a pink pattern? I don't think I made many plain pink ones...

      THERE ARE NO GREY (I prefer "gray") POOFIES! ONLY COLOR! BWAHAHAHA evilness.

      ...actually, I lied. There are black ones. :D

    3. Transparent Reality ages ago | reply

      Poofy is awesome. I just took the time to read most of your comics.

      You need a hip-hop Poofy. You know, just for the hell of it. :)

    4. roboppy ages ago | reply


      Hip hop Poofy? That would be funny...I could cover him in bling.

    5. trent™ ages ago | reply

      Eh, it was pink with some funky stripes.

      And dammit, I want a grey one! He can be grey with a :| face. He can be the only apathetic Poofy ever!

    6. Transparent Reality ages ago | reply

      Forget covering him with "bling" - make a huge silver Poofy. Poofy Bling!

      Oh, right, silver is expensive.

    7. roboppy ages ago | reply

      Trent, that's a good idea! I made a :| face Poofy once but it was colorful and stripey...gray is better suited for that, hehe. Maybe I can make a sad gray poofy too, with tissues.

    8. trent™ ages ago | reply

      I'd buy it! Maybe it could have a bent ear, too.

      Man, I can only imagine the questions my future roomies would ask.

    9. roboppy ages ago | reply

      Aw, bent eared Poofy? That sounds like a "beaten up Poofy".

      ...oo, another idea.

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