the postman brought me candeee

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    Whoaaa, I got all this in one day (and then some) from some great Flickr friends. Thanks Maaike for making me insane for stroopwafels and Santos for A BAG OF KIT KATS, eegad! :)

    1. cybele- 118 months ago | reply

      Orange Kit Kats! That sounds good!

    2. roboppy 118 months ago | reply

      They're pretty good! It's a nice change from regular chocolate, although I do like plain ol' Kit Kats. The only problem is that they melted in transit and after re-solidifying them in the fridge, they're a bit splodgey. Still good orangey wafer-ness though.

    3. leff 118 months ago | reply

      Hey, Rakka just got some orange and cream kitkats in the mail too! Since we share a mailbox I got to try some as well. They're pretty good, but the blood orange ones that came in the same package were amazing!

    4. roboppy 118 months ago | reply

      Ooh man, sounds yummy! Why must the Kit Kat overlords deny the majority of us from getting our hands on more flavors? *sniff*

    5. flutterbycharlie 118 months ago | reply

      wow....i wish i got candy in the mail! lol!
      you lucky girl...kit kats should come in all sorts of flavours!! =)

    6. Rakka 118 months ago | reply

      wow! what a candy score!

      (isn't santos the greatest?? :D!)

    7. shellfish 118 months ago | reply

      do you want to try other types of kitkat? we have latte, cappuccino, yoghurt(limited edition) here. we used to have green tea which was really good. please let me know, i can send to you.

    8. roboppy 118 months ago | reply

      flutterbycharlie: My mum told me that I probably shouldn't do food trades with people...but...SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! So many kit kats! :)

      Rakka: Santos is THE AWESOME!

      shellfish: That's a really nice offer! Ooohhh...ooh. Man. Why must you tempt me? ;) I'd love to do a trade, but the weather right now is making everything melt, which is really sad. Are there any American things you'd want? Feel free to message me.

    9. Zach Hale 118 months ago | reply

      Orange + Kit Kat = *drool*

    10. shellfish 118 months ago | reply

      do you get fran over there? its something like pocky but i find it much more delicious. i think the chocolate will melt because singapore's weather is very hot. but it is worth a shot!

    11. lia 118 months ago | reply

      GREEN TEA KITKAT! *drools*

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