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    Macaron recipe

    For my first attempt at making macarons, it could've been worse. But it could've been better...

    I baked them too long, but the innards were still too soft when the outer shell had..uh, crispified. Also, they might be better with a little less sugar. Hm. They tasted better the day after I made them since they had time to soften up a bit.

    The ganache was kinda eh, but I think that's because I didn't like the chocolate (Green & Black's 72% baking chocolate, the only giant bar they had at Whole Foods I guess).

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    1. shutterbean 90 months ago | reply

      this photo is so pretty & comforting.

    2. mariannaF 90 months ago | reply

      aaahhh how do you do it??? IM SO ANGRY at macarons!!! I've tried doing them a gazillion of times and there is ALWAYS something WRONG!!! I've given up!!! :-(

    3. roboppy 90 months ago | reply

      shutterbean: Thanks!

      Marianna: I don't think I'll ever perfect it. :\ This was just my first try so...I have a lot more failure ahead of me, woo!

      Canon: I thought i needed more chocolate than I actually did. Next time i would just buy smaller bars. I would've rather gotten a bar with a smaller percentage of chocolate, actually. (I don't like dark chocolate that much..)

      My friend used Italian meringue before and it worked well. Just took a little more planning to heat up the sugar and stuff. Hmm...

      It's just the cookie that tasted too sweet; the filling tasted too bland to me. I can even out the sugar content next time, hehe.

    4. roboppy 90 months ago | reply

      Canon: I checked a bunch of recipes and they all pretty much had the same 2:1 ratio of sugar to almond meal. Or possible more. So. Hm. I dunno. That should be the max amount of sugar, probably..

      I'll try drying out my almond meal next time. And I would think the fine texture of confectioners sugar has something to do with it working so well? My almond meal wasn't finely ground enough and that kinda sucked.

    5. roboppy 90 months ago | reply

      My egg whites were a little over a day old when I used them. Someone told me to age them for three days so I think I'll try that next time (I didn't plan far enough ahead).

      A problem that a lot of macarons in NYC have is that the almond meal is too chunky. :( I never noticed that in Paris. Argh. I smushed the crap out of it through a sieve but I need a bigger one. My hand became sore quickly.

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