• bring this down, center between green and top of apple - crankbunny
  • could be WAX AND PRESERVATIVES (return)
    shiny, attractive, cheaper - kinda like paris hilton - crankbunny
  • HAHA...that's a good one. :D
  • crap, I accidentally deleted that! uh. To remember what Normah said:

    BETTER FOR YOU:(return)
    fresh, real taste, etc etc booyahness
  • put the VS behind them apples rather than multipplying it over them. - moriza
  • No need to italizze this... - moriza
  • I *like* the italics here! - princess_of_llyr
  • Inverted pyramid when doing centered text, yo! Moreso when weight is on the center of the page. - Transparent Reality
  • I think we're changing the copy a little and that it'll be arranged not by shape but how the copy...makes sense in a sequence. I'm not sure yet.

Why Eat the Ugly Apple?

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These posters are part of a project I had to do for class. Unfortunately, the project...um, kinda fell by the wayside and my partner and I need reactions to it. NOOOOW.

Our project was to make some kind of marketing campaign to raise awareness about local, sustainable agriculture as opposed to...well, the other stuff. Agribusiness, produce that comes from a bagillion miles away, etc.

We're not in a graphic design course, so we're not looking for responses about the design as much as the message. (Yeah, they're both important and we like suggestions, but our project is focused on food, not design.) Since most of your are probably food-minded, you might already know about farmer's markets and why it's better to eat local food.

...But if you're not so food minded, would these posters incite any interest? We tried to make it somewhat eye-catching and mildly professional.

We plan to print up a bunch of copies and hang them up...somewhere. We don't know. SOMEWHERE AROUND NYU. If you have suggestions, let me know. Hell, feel free to print this out and hang it up somewhere. If you're bored.

OMG PEOPLE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE MESSAGE! If you don't care about the message, you can even say that! It's okay!

Okay, after the lack of response about the message (MAYBE YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT LOCAL FARMS ALREADY...WHICH IS COOL) I guess this isn't...really doing anything in that department, in which case it doesn't seem worth it to print these out and post them? Which I guess we have to do..really soon. Oops. Ah! Um. Yeah, this project wasn't well planned.

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  1. tineypics 108 months ago | reply

    Hi all, I'm Rob's partner for the project. just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback! KEEP IT COMING! woowho!

  2. More Than Just Cooking 108 months ago | reply

    Hey girl, I emailed you a buttload of feedback. If you want more comments, holla at me. Don't worry, no billable hours. hee hee

  3. balladofyoko 108 months ago | reply

    I like the message-- there's a similar campaign to buy local produce in Philadelphia: Buy Fresh, Buy Local.

    As far as your poster goes, the only thing I'd suggest is to make the bottom green footer more prominent-- the idea is to get people to look at the website, isn't it? That part should be more eyecatching.

  4. Walking In Paris 108 months ago | reply

    Under the grocery store apple, I wouldn't list ANY positive attributes, even though you (sort of) negate them in the copy under the farmers' market apple. Why not list BAD attributes, maybe "Wax. Pesticides. Three week train ride to get here. But hey -- it's shiny!" Then under the fm apple -- "Natural. Organically grown. Picked yesterday. Not so shiny. You can live with that."

  5. Adrienha 108 months ago | reply

    It definitely got my attention and I read all the copy. I also noted the farmer's market website. Very effective, overall!

  6. Mortefot 108 months ago | reply

    I think this should say "Why buy the ugly apple"

  7. princess_of_llyr 108 months ago | reply

    Here's my 2 cents:

    delete the "An apple from" on each side, they're not necessary. :)

    The "vs" should go behind the apples and be smaller in size so you see the whole word... (is "VS" even a word? I dunno...)

    Explain that the apple from the store had wax, preservatives by bullets...not to mention how could an apple from Chile taste good? yeeaahhh....For the local one put local, fresh, preservative free, wax free....compare and contrast with this information.

    For the fast facts, I'd emphasize that the grocery produce is not fresh, clean and "pure" due to long transportation and foreign origin.

    I love the green bar at the bottom and the rest of the design. You have the right amount of information here I think, it just needs a little more organization. :)

    Good luck!

  8. Jedo 108 months ago | reply

    The 'voice' feels a little accusatory- 'face the facts' 'eat your veggies’ sounds like you’re my mom screeching at me from the next room.

    I don't see where it mentions taste. Even if it is something as vague as "Healthy food just tastes better".

    Eat the Ugly Apple is funny, because it almost sounds like a double-dare. That would make a good t-shirt.

  9. Kathryn Yu 108 months ago | reply

    The "ugly" apple isn't really all that ugly in comparison! Where does the image come from?

    I like the phrase "Eat the Ugly Apple" as Jedo coins it, as well as what Princess of Llyr said:

    "Natural. Organically grown. Picked yesterday. Not so shiny. You can live with that."

    No wax, no pesticides, no preservatives, lots of taste.

  10. wando_vates 108 months ago | reply

    i love what you're doing and would love your posters for my classroom. drop the "might appear"--that apple is shinier and cheaper, but not as tasty, good for you, good for us. i like the "picked yesterday." i like the "no wax. no preservatives." who said real food should last as long as Twinkies do?

  11. superape 108 months ago | reply

    Good effin job! Both in looks and in message. I am a personal proponent of farmers market apples! While I try to get most produce from a FM, apples (and tomatoes) are the biggest difference in my book. Grocery store apples taste like they were made from plastic molds.

    The message is clear enough. I think this is the kind of poster that would pull someone in based on the out-of-the-ordinary top line. Then they can read the details.

    I've seen these kind of posters and flyers a hundred times since my wife's a nutritionist. This one works. Again, good job! Wish we could get one ;)

  12. anthro_aya 108 months ago | reply

    i think you should change the link at the bottom - www.localharvest.org is national and has more resources. granted, you'll be hanging these up at NYU, and cenyu.org makes sense because of that, but localharvest.org is more professional, better organized, and has a name that's easier to remember - and if you want your message to last, that last bit about a memorable name is important!

  13. anthro_aya 108 months ago | reply

    ...i don't know if you also want to add something about pollution due to cross-country transportation of food. you mention the distnace the food travels - which is ghastly in its own right - but the average consumer probably doesn't really care where his/her food comes from as long as it 'tastes good' (which is what i hear from my informants in my ethnographic study on food and freshness). so i think it's important to add a line or two, but not more, about how and why supporting local food systems is important. you give facts, but people need reasons to incorporate a change into their lives.

  14. roboppy 108 months ago | reply


    We turned in our project yesterday! UHH. CRAP! I guess I'll let you know what grade I get later. We did change some things, but definitely couldn't incorporate everyone's suggestions. Thanks for all the great feedback!

  15. jessica_woolliams 108 months ago | reply

    This is an interesting pic - will you add this to the Sustainable Building Centre flickr group? www.flickr.com/groups/sustainablebuilding/

    ~We can't have sustainable buildings without sustainable food to eat inside them!~

    Also for fun and lovely images of susttainable buildings and other things see the Ideas That Last Exhibit at: www.sustainablebuildingcentre.com/ (The SBC is a non-profit in Vancouver, BC, at Granville Island.)

  16. roboppy 108 months ago | reply

    I just added it!

  17. saptarshi777 106 months ago | reply



    keep up the good work. i will share my work and comments with you.



  18. Heath & the B.L.T. boys 102 months ago | reply

    There was a comparison study done on which produce was healthier organic or conventional. Even though organic produce tends to be smaller, it has more vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients & more antioxidants. The reason being that w/out pesticides it has to fight the bugs off by having more antioxidants. The antioxidants are natures way of fighting pests & disease both in plants & in humans. Also conventional produce is larger because the pesticides cause uptake of more water, thus making it larger w/ less vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & phytonutrients.

  19. ZiKiarts 87 months ago | reply

    Please view my special potatoes :

  20. namasteramblin [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

    i really like the headline , i swear every other day during my lunch this topic comes up

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