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    This is my shirt!...unless you want it...

    Actually, I dunno if I want this color. I don't have any gold t-shirts. Hmm. I SURE LIKE BROWN THOUGH.

    Addendum: For whatever reason, it looks like the image has been photoshopped onto the shirt. It's just really...white and reflective, I guess. HAR HAR.

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    1. ranjit 111 months ago | reply

      double sweet!

    2. masacc 111 months ago | reply

      looks so happy

    3. jleighb 111 months ago | reply

      awesome shirt!

    4. roboppy 111 months ago | reply

      Thanks for your comments! I have a few stacks of shirt-filled evelopes teetering on my table now. ;D

      Nate: OMG, so tasty! AHHH!!

    5. anglerfish96 111 months ago | reply

      It totally looks like you just Photoshopped it on the shirt. Boopbloop!

    6. Mortefot 111 months ago | reply

      Ey! I want that shirt! :)

    7. iamtdj [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      Hahahaha, oh Johnni.
      I am looking forward to finally owning an eggplant-colored tshirt.

    8. roboppy 111 months ago | reply

      Morten: EY, YOU DIDN'T PREORDER (poke) ...If you really want one, I may have some extras. Mrah.

      Tristan: Can I mail your's and Stephanie's together? SAVE AN ENVELOPE!

    9. iamtdj [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      Yeah, of course! That way we'll get them at the same time; jealousy shall not ensue.

    10. Mortefot 111 months ago | reply

      I kinda do want one, but only if you have extras. And preferable red, brown or dark green :)

    11. roboppy 111 months ago | reply

      Morten: Oh noooes I don't have extras. I only had one extra medium and I think it's called for now. :O Whenever I've ordered shirts before I could never meet the minimum, so I had to buy extras...but I did meet it this time, haha! Maybe I'll get more later.

      Dave: Thanks! I wish I could print em but I DUNNO HOW TO DO SCREENPRINTING (and I don't have access to all those tshirts, hehe). I ordered them from Brunetto, he's great.

    12. roboppy 111 months ago | reply

      I think if I tried to print shirts myself, not only would it take forever but I'd mess em up! So. Blah. I'll let the professional do it, hehe.

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