burger innards



Quite raw and tasty. The main problem was that the mean juice got all over the bottom bun. However, the rest was REALLY GOOOOD so that's just a small issue. The sweet chili sauce was just that; slighty sweet, slightly spicy. It's a really nice touch as you can definitely taste it, but not too much...or too little...you know? Just nod. Oh, and the bread was awesome. And the meat. And the...burger...


...gahgaha, I was so full afterwards.


[As for the tomatoes, I ate one and took it out of the other. Tomato slices just don't stay in sandwiches though...I don't hate them but I have no problem taking them out of a sandwich either. And I don't really have tp take em out since THEY JUST SLIP OUT ANYWAY.]

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Taken on March 2, 2006